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In Switzerland you can do things starting from shopping, hiking, biking, golfing, skiing, going to the highest museums, restaurants, staying in the top 10 hotels, and taking tours around Switzerland. The shops sale things from luxury products from around the world to the most elegant jewelery and the delicious chocolates that Switzerland is known for. When you want to hike there are paths that can take you to some great hiking spots. You can though also just hike on your own. The most challenging place to hike is the alpine region because its in Switzerland. You have to becarefull of where you hike. Biking in Switzerland is fun. There are nine nation cycling routes. All of them in length are 3300 km. All of these nine routes lead through the countysides and are signposted. In Switzerland you can rent mountain bikes. There are six main museums in Switzerland. They all are in different cities. Which all have information in the museum about the city they are in or Switzerlands past and some of the great arcitects. The restaurants are acknowledged as one of the best regions of the world for enternation food. The food there is magnificant and has assorted gourmets from around the world. Switzerland would be a great place to visit and experience it all.





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