Vacation Hot Spots

Puerto Rico


In Puerto Rico you can gamble in many places. In Puerto Rico you never can sleep and most of the casinos are open to the wee hours. So if you have won go and treat yourself for a beutiful morning swim in the warm ocean or the beach. There is never no parties in Puerto Rico. Discos are popular especialy the city of San Juan Mainly in Puerto Rico the bars are on the bottom of the party place and the dance floors are upstairs. Nobody over there is shy and they just want to have fun.

You sure to be able to find a party over there in Rico for your taste and enjoy it until the sun comes back out. Then again you will be ready for a morning swim in the great crystal blue clear waters. You can even golf and scuba dive. Many hotels offer classes for windsurfing other wise just enjoy your time by the pool. You can also have fun shopping around and strolling around and just seeing what is around you. The architecture is great and one of the most greatest rain forest is located in Puerto Rico. Waterfalls and other scenery you will alwys be cherishing.





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