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In Poconos you should always be walking around the forests and seeing over 7 huge waterfalls. You can do picnics, going into gift shops, and the Native American Exhibit. Whatever you like to do or have bever done it and would enjoy to do it should be in Poconos. Starting from canoeing, whitewater rafting, rafting, tubing, or even camping. Pocono has it all and will make your time there worth seeing and experiencing for. The museums there trace all of the history that the Deleware Indians have unique arts from the ancient artifacts. At the Pocono's Lake there you can even enjoy boating, fishing, dining, or just relaxing and spending your time somwhere beautiful. Golfing over there is very popular with over 30 golf courses. There are even zooz there with some birds, endangered species, critters or creatures. You can learn and explore about them. Pocono's is a very amazing and exciting place to be at as a get a way for you and your family.





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