Vacation Hot Spots

We have pestered our friends, scoured travel guides, books and the web to determine the top 30 vacation hot spots. We have listed them below along with what people had to say about them so that we can be helpful when you are planning your next vacation.



In Africa there are many national parks and nature reserves. You can even tour in cars to watch particular animals from your car. South Africa has a beach that you can surf and play with sand. Each beach has a personality on what each one has different from the other or likes to do. Where the Indian Ocean water meets the Atlantic you can either have your water warm or cold.Some water areas have seals or penguins living there. You can even sail and have watch of those who live in the water. There are some very interesting spots to hike up and cruise down on the cable car over there. Take the boat to the famous Robben Island for 3hour tour and enjoy the dinner there at night and dance all night at the parties over there that they hold. You wont get sick of Africa and believe me there are lots to do and keep yourself occupied for however long you are staying.




In Alaska because it is mainly cold weather and always snowing outside, well therefore they have many indoor activities like museums and fairs that are indoor. There is even a Alaskan them Pioneer park. This park includes many activities and little things to do. One of them is the Gold Rush Town. You get to see and learn about what the Gold Rush was all about if you didn't know.You can shop in Alaska and go to school in Alaska though you can also go hiking, camping, canoeing in the ice cold water, rafting, and even rock climbing. There are places you can rent movies or random equipments. There is even ice-fishing. There are so many extra ordinary things to do in Alaska that's why it keeps Alaska one of the highest places visited by people.




In Australia there are variety of things to see and do. You can go and visit some great museums that talk about and show some ancient history works on Australia. One of the largest museums there is in Australia is the South Australia Museum located in Adelaide. It has many exhibitions .Australia has one of the wildest wildlife parks. It has a unique range of marsupials, reptiles, wild birds, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, emus, parrots, and goannas. You will learn about so many Australian native animals. Even over there in Australia their zoo exhibits more then 1,400 native mammals, reptiles, and fishes. There are even some great festivals that you can eat and dance. It is just a short walk from the city centre. The food in Australia is international and their wine, beverages and media festival, that is held every two years. Australia holds a 18 hole golf course in the foothills of Adelaide. Australia would be an amazing for you to visit, this place will be memorable time you share with Austrians and their environment.




In the Bahamas there are many water activities to do and see. you can go to Dolphin or other encounters and experience them. You can even take under the sea walks. For the zoos there is a garden, parrot jungle, and a rand nature center. Many places to visit to be able to see animals. Bahamas has many wonderful beaches and pools to go and swim in. Also in the Bahaman hotels they have beach water sports.You can even take your family water snorkeling in the beautiful water and see come exciting water creatures right in front of your eyes. You can even go fishing at the beaches. There are even some great nation parks to go with your kids and family and explore the bright green gardens. Basically the Bahamas is a wonderful place to visit with many variety of things to see and explore with your family and have a great memory.




In California there are many amusement parks to go and ride roller coasters or to water parks that have water rides to have fun in. There are over at least 100 cities in California with many hotels to choose from to stay at starting from motels to hotels. There are even many nation parks and zoos to go and see many animals and other reptiles. There are many beaches to visit in California and harbors. California is known for how many beaches we have. They are enjoyable and lots of fun, but at night they tend to get pretty windy and cold. You can go and stay at places like Big Bear, San Diego, and Palm Springs. There are many places like that to visit in Californian and enjoy your time with your family. You can tour Californian and see many great beaches, canyons, and sailboats. However you can also see hills, cable cars, and parks. You can see California from one end to another, from the seashore to the deserts, from the mountains to the forests. You are sure to enjoy your trip to California.




In Canada it's mainly snowing but when it's summer the snow stops. Any city you go to in Canada there is at least something for you to do. Starting from art festivals to country music festivals. There is even Ballet, jazz, opera and those you are able to see it it by going to the theater. If you like night clubs then there is everything and anything starting from relaxing clubs, sophisticated clubs, to crazy excellent pub clubs. Canada also however has many public parks including many amusement parks. They have great tasting Canadian food and Canadian people you can meet and get to know about them. They have even many museums that you can learn about Canada and the history of Canada. Canada is a nice place to go to with your family and take a vacation.




In China there are so many things to do that when you fist get there you don't know where to start and when to stop. The top things in China to do while you are present in that country is to at least see the Acrobatic Arts. Besides that there is bowling, biking which the bicycle is the unofficial symbol of China. Other then that also there is bathing beaches, camping which you can go anywhere and camp, camel riding which is very popular in the desert areas,go into caves but get ready to get very wet and muddy, greyhound racing, go carting,golf, hash house harriers which only do if you like running and drinking beer, hiking you can do but only places limited because a lot of places have their limitation and ground rules over there in China, ice skating can be done on many lakes, kite flying when there is only wind, and even scuba diving, and last but not least skiing. There are so many other things you can do, but it would take up this whole page. You should visit China and just experience it yourself.




In Colorado you can go and see things starting from amusement park to visiting ghost towns. There in Colorado there is even casinos to gamble at. The aquariums and zoos are very popular with people over there. However the museums located in Colorado talk about human history, stunning dioramas, exhibit of gems, minerals, and a variety of educational displays. Colorado even has America's largest family water park. The parks are lots of fun and that would probably be one of the first things you would want to accomplish when you go. Try to see as many shop stores and visit as many restaurants you can. These things would be very fortunate when we are all older. Take the chance and go and experience as much as you can in Colorado. Not only Colorado even other states.



Costa Rica

In Costa Rica the weather is warm therefore there are many activities and things to accomplish for your presence there. Try to get your hands on the white water rafting on their wild and scenic rivers. Surfing in Costa Rica is great because you have so many choices and options to pick from to go and surf or just get wet because it's so incredibly warm. Wind surfing at Costa Rica is one of the worlds top 5 wind spots. Also you can enjoy the 29 mile rides across the lake.You can even go deep sea fishing along the Pacific Coast. You will catch i guarantee you many tropical fishes out in the ocean. If you like scuba diving or snorkeling Costa Rica has an incredible underwater variety of species to view. You can even go horseback riding just about anywhere. Even on the beach. You wouldn't get sick of Costa Rica because there is even things to do like bungee jumping, canopy tours in the trees, motorcycle riding and sailing. You will find your stay at Costa Rica very pleasant and educational.




In England everyone over there enjoys to play soccer. English people are known for their soccer teams in the Olympics. There are even some great museums to visit in London, England. You can go to some exhibit zoos, idyllic country parks, to some very interesting street carnivals. You can even bargain and hunt over there but you can also find your child in yourself theme park. England has it all. You wouldn't get sick of England guaranteed. If you are having troubles where to stay in England the best place to stay in that is recommended by a lot of people is the country house hotels or the rustic cottages to city center apartments. England has the ability to suit all of your needs and budgets.




In Fiji there is mainly a lot of water sports and activities to do. Like scuba diving, fishing, cruising, and yachting. Things you can do that aren't water activities are golfing, horse riding, walking along the beaches, and cycling. There are other water sports like jet boating, kayaking, rafting, and surfing. You can stay in many wonderful variety of locations and budgets. Either if you are wanting to stay in a secluded place or a luxurious resort. Fiji is one of the places where people always end up staying longer then they expected. Fiji is basically is a beautiful place and a great place to even learn how to love water.




There are many places to go and see at Florida. They have one of the most attractive beaches. If you go and visit Florida be sure to go around and look at all the resorts some of the resorts and hotels are great looking. Take the tours around Florida and figure out some great information about the state. You can even visit one of the most popular places over there the Disneyland in FLorida. Almost everyone wants to go there and visit. the people over there are very friendly you get a chance to meet new people. The cruises are a good choice to do when you go to Florida because it would give you a cruise around Florida and you get to see some great places. The nature over there however is also very clean and pure.




In France you can go and visit the Eiffel Tower and find out some wonderful facts about it. In France the capital city is Paris, you should go into Paris and check out that city and visit all of the restaurants and enjoy the great French food. You can even go and visit one of the most famous paintings there is the Mona Lisa and find out where you can see and what the history is about this painting.You can go to classes in France and learn the language within just weeks of being there. Shopping there you get the fashion there first before it even comes down to California to be sold for a lot of profit. They have one of the most great tasting wine their. You can go and even get classes to learn how to golf or other sports to keep your time in France occupied.




In Greece you can go sailing, swimming, and visiting the beaches. You can visit the museums and see some great ancient sites of Greece. The largest one is in Athens. There are even some great large churches throughout the country with a strong historical significance.Some the biggest mountains are in Greece that you can even hike on. You can go mountain biking, rafting, mountain climbing, rappelling, and even skiing in the winter time. Most of the time tourist who visit Greece spend their time outdoors near the water. You can snorkel or swim in different locations and have fun. You can do water sports especially on the islands like jet skiing, sailing, yachting, surfing, water skiing, wind surfing, and even fishing. Last but not least you can just lay out in the beach and relax and read your book or fall asleep. In Greece you will never be bored.




The best things in Hawaii to do is spend time with your close ones over at the nice hot calm place to be at. Over there you can visit many big islands and even goo and check out the volcanoes. You can visit the the clean and clear humongous beaches.You can even take cruises and check out many animal shows including the wale-watching cruise.At the beach take your family and go snorkeling, there are many beautiful creatures in the sky clear sea in Hawaii.If you are not the type for the water and doing things in the water, then you still have came to the right place go and hike up to the mountain and watch the big sunrise that you will be on top of one of the most largest mountains in the world. Watch the sunrise as if you are there.You can even lambo or go up to the Grand Canyon and after that go treat your self at the shops and restaurants for magnificent food.




In Ireland you can enjoy the zoos, the aquariums, the museums, the national parks, and the fairs. At the zoo you will be able to see South American animals, Asian animals, and African animals. You can even feed them and maybe even adopt them to help out the environment. At the aquariums you get to see up close wild life mammals and even some beautiful tropical fishes. There are many museums to check out and get education out of it. You can get to see the exhibitions, sculptures, paintings, objects d'art, and other works on paper. For the national parks its just like any old park that you can just relax and enjoy the outdoors by yourself or your family. At the fairs over there they offer you food, music, little shopping stores and many more for you to enjoy your time and make it worth while over there in Ireland.




In Italy you can go around walking and seeing lots of history that has happened in the past. You can see tombs, baths, churches, markets, and even festivals that were all made way back then. You can visit the Vatican, Forum, Coliseum, Palatino, Michelangelo's Piazza del, and Campidoglio. They would all be very historical events to see and visit in Italy. Not only the history in Italy but you can have real italian food with real italian wine.Many places to go and wonderful od things to see and discover.




Jamaica has some of the best beaches and exciting resorts around the caribbeans.You can go and check out some of the most greatest mountains and the jump-off places. There some nice and peaceful Jamaica rivers. There are beautiful waterfalls you should go and check out. You can even go deep sea fishing.You can even meet and find out the background of Jamaican people and the food and kind of clothes they wear may interest you at any point and the not only you get to see them but you get to learn their culture.



Lake Tahoe

In Lake Tahoe one of the best ways to tour is by taking the riverboat cruise. In the summer over there in Tahoe you can enjoy many activities like swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, wave boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, water boarding, river rafting and wind surfing. You can even go picnicking, beach volleyball, bungee jumping, rock climbing and horseback riding are also popular at Lake Tahoe. The trails to bike are everywhere, and there are maps to help you out through everything step by step. The South Lake Tahoe bike path offers great views of the lake.In the winter Tahoe gets up to more that ten feet of snow each winter. The world class ski resorts are the highlight of winter days at Lake Tahoe. You can take skiing schools over there and even snowshoeing, the Tahoe are in the winter would be lots of fun for the whole family to get away too. There are even historical museums in Tahoe about the Historical Society. There is a Western Theme park. Either if you visit Tahoe in the winter or the summer they both will satisfy your stay and very memorable item to spend with your family.



Las Vegas

In Las Vegas The one major thing that must be done over there if you visit it, is to go to Flamingo Hilton Hotel and have fun in there water park. Other then that there are many places to go and see while you're at Vegas. Starting off by going and looking at all the hotels there because each one has a theme to it. There are exciting shows, one of them is the, White Tiger show and The Mirage. There are many collections of parrots and variety of animals it all depends in which hotel you are staying at or visiting. You can even see sharks face to face at the hotel Mandalay Bay. There are clubs and bars for people 21 and older to visit and just let loose and be themselves. There are even big water parks including roller coaster in certain hotels. You can take cruise in your hotel or other places. It is usually hot over there but it really depends in what month you are visiting Las Vegas. Last but not least you have to be 21, but you can gamble all night long!




When you go to Mexico you most definitely will at least know a sentence to say in Spanish. You will learn about the culture and the background of all Hispanic. Other then that you can take many classes while you are over there to learn dancing, beach games, aerobic, bocce ball, water polo, and learn the music. While you are over there staying at the Latin resorts at least every night there will be parties and dinner for you and your family. Included with live music and many more! You can even learn how to do make-up over there the way they do it. There are beautiful sunsets. There is full of entertainment programs over here in Mexico you just need to visit there to figure it out yourself.



New York

In New York you must go and visit the 2nd Avenue Deli. It has the greatest sandwiches and enormous potatoes. It is worth your visit and time. Then you should take a trip to the Staten island ferry. You wouldn't even have to spend over $20 on the touristy cruise trips. This journey will take you from Whitehall street, Manhattan, to St. George, State Island, and that is used up by at least 70,000 passengers per day. There are even many nice museums in New York that are worth visiting and learning something from. The weather in New York is mainly cold but to the limit, except in the winter New York gets pretty cold. You have to at least see a show over there and a Broadway show. New York cinemas are enormous and very comfortable. Well those are mainly the big things that should be accomplished while your stay in New York, but make sure that you have people with you that you love like your family because it will be a memory that will last forever with you at New York.



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